Kamala Sohonie: Pioneering Indian Biochemist Who Defied Conventions

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Google Doodle, on Sunday, celebrated the 112th birth anniversary of Kamala Sohonie, an exceptional Indian biochemist who defied conventions and opened doors for women in science. In a time when women faced significant underrepresentation in scientific fields, Sohonie blazed a trail, inspiring future generations to overcome gender bias and pursue their aspirations. The Google Doodle featured Kamala Sohonie, highlighting her pioneering work on “Neera,” a palm nectar-derived drink known for its high Vitamin C content. Let’s delve into the remarkable life and accomplishments of this extraordinary Indian woman.

Kamala Sohonie
On this auspicious day, we gather in praise,
To honor Kamala Sohonie, in a poetic blaze.
A visionary biochemist, a pioneer in her own right,
Her legacy shines on, radiant and bright.

Oh, Kamala Sohonie, a trailblazer so bold,
With scientific prowess, your story unfolds.
Born on this day, a hundred and twelve years ago,
In your footsteps, future generations would grow.

In a time of inequality, you defied the norm,
A woman in science, a force to transform.
With grace and resilience, you rose to the height,
And etched your name in the annals of scientific might.

The first Indian woman to earn a PhD degree,
In a world of barriers, you broke them free.
With boundless determination, you paved the way,
For women in science to shine, come what may.

Through your research on "Neera," a treasure untold,
You unearthed its secrets, a story to behold.
A palm nectar-derived drink, rich in Vitamin C,
Your work brought healing to many, setting them free.

Royal Institute of Science, under your astute command,
You led with distinction, with a vision so grand.
Opening doors for women, you showed them the light,
That their dreams and aspirations were worth the fight.

Today, we celebrate your life's remarkable feat,
112 years of wisdom, a journey so sweet.
Your name, Kamala Sohonie, forever shall resound,
A beacon of inspiration, in science, renowned.

As we honor your 112th birthday with pride,
We cherish the path you paved, far and wide.
Your legacy lives on, in the hearts of us all,
Kamala Sohonie, we stand in awe, standing tall.

In the realm of Indian science, your name shall remain,
A symbol of courage, breaking barriers with no disdain.
On this joyous occasion, we raise our voice,
To Kamala Sohonie, let us all rejoice!

Happy 112th birthday, dear Kamala Sohonie!
Your spirit, your brilliance, forever we shall see.
In the realm of science, your flame shall forever burn,
As we continue to learn, explore, and yearn.

May your legacy inspire, and your story be told,
For generations to come, as the years unfold.
Kamala Sohonie, on your special day,	
We celebrate you in our own poetic way.


Introduction: Celebrating Kamala Sohonie’s Legacy

In this article, we celebrate the remarkable life and achievements of Kamala Sohonie, an extraordinary Indian biochemist who defied societal conventions and made significant contributions to the field of science. Her groundbreaking research on “Neera,” a palm nectar-based drink, not only showcased her scientific prowess but also paved the way for women in the scientific community.

Early Life and Education

Kamala Sohonie came into the world on the 14th of June in 1912 in Bombay, which is recognized today as Mumbai, India. Her upbringing occurred in a society that had limited educational possibilities for women. Choosing a scientific profession was seen as out of the ordinary during that era. However, her unwavering enthusiasm for learning and unwavering determination propelled her onto an extraordinary trajectory.

Sohonie’s educational expedition set off with her pursuit of a degree in Chemistry at Wilson College in Bombay. Her extraordinary academic brilliance led to a scholarship at the University of Cambridge, where she embarked on a Master’s program in Biochemistry. This extraordinary accomplishment positioned her among the exclusive group of Indian women from that time who boldly delved into the realm of science at the esteemed institution of Cambridge.

Breaking Barriers: The Journey to Becoming a Biochemist

In the face of myriad challenges and societal pressures, Kamala Sohonie’s unswerving dedication to scientific exploration remained resolute. Upon her completion of studies at Cambridge, she returned to India, driven by a firm resolve to make her mark in the scientific community.

Sohonie became an integral part of the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bangalore, working closely under the guidance of the distinguished biochemist Dr. C.V. Raman. Her endeavors centered on unraveling the intricate biochemical makeup of “Neera,” a traditional Indian beverage derived from palm trees. Immersed in her meticulous research, she unearthed a revelation: “Neera” boasted remarkable concentrations of Vitamin C, positioning it as a precious natural reservoir with the potential to offer significant health advantages.

Pioneering Research on Neera: The Palm Nectar Wonder

Kamala Sohonie’s research on “Neera” marked a revolutionary advancement in scientific inquiry. Her profound investigation delved into the intricate chemical composition of the beverage, culminating in the identification of its nutritional attributes and the techniques to uphold its elevated Vitamin C content. Beyond contributing to the realm of biochemistry, her revelations illuminated the significance of integrating traditional Indian practices into contemporary scientific exploration.

Confronting Challenges: Defying Gender Bias in the Scientific Arena
Kamala Sohonie’s odyssey within the scientific domain was far from untroubled. During her era, pervasive gender bias cast a shadow over women’s prospects and discouraged their pursuit of scientific research careers. Yet, Sohonie boldly challenged societal norms, demonstrating unequivocally that women were equally proficient in making substantial contributions to the discipline.

In the face of myriad hurdles including limited resources and minimal support, her unwavering dedication and determination acted as the driving force behind her progress. Sohonie’s unwavering commitment to her work and her pioneering research on “Neera” stood as a testament to her fortitude, laying a path for subsequent generations of women in the scientific realm.

Contributions to Scientific Research: Unveiling the Secrets of Cytochrome C

Amidst her research scholarship at Cambridge University, Kamala Sohonie achieved a remarkable breakthrough concerning Cytochrome C, a pivotal enzyme essential for energy production within plant cells. Her groundbreaking revelations illuminated the core mechanisms of life forms, serving as the foundation for subsequent strides in the realm of biochemistry. Astoundingly, within a mere 14-month timeframe, she successfully crafted her PhD thesis, solidly anchored in this transformative exploration.

Legacy and Impact on Women in Science

Kamala Sohonie’s legacy reaches well beyond her personal accomplishments. Her groundbreaking contributions and pioneering resolve remain a wellspring of inspiration for burgeoning scientists, especially women, even in the present time. She shattered the confines of traditional expectations, leaving an enduring imprint on the scientific realm, underscoring that gender should never hinder the pursuit of one’s aspirations.

Her narrative stands as a guiding light, offering solace and empowerment to women in the scientific domain, underscoring that they possess the capacity to question conventions, surmount challenges, and forge a lasting influence in their chosen domains.

Kamala Sohonie

Google Doodle: Celebrating Kamala Sohonie’s Birth Anniversary

The Google Doodle, renowned for honoring noteworthy occasions and remarkable figures, marked Kamala Sohonie’s 112th birthday with a tribute. The Doodle showcased her portrait and shared inspiring insights into her life and achievements. This gesture of recognition not only commemorates Sohonie’s impactful contributions but also highlights the significance of gender parity and inclusiveness within the realm of science.


Kamala Sohonie made indelible contributions to the landscape of Indian science, leaving an enduring impact that resonates even today. Her resilience in the face of challenges continues to kindle inspiration among aspiring scientists, particularly women. Her groundbreaking research, dynamic leadership, and unwavering commitment stand as a testament to the boundless capabilities of women in scientific domains, forging a legacy of empowerment and advancement.

Kamala Sohonie’s life story and body of work serve as a vivid illustration of the transformative potential unlocked through tenacity, resilience, and an unyielding pursuit of knowledge. As a trailblazing Indian biochemist, she boldly transcended societal norms, clearing a path for women to flourish in the realm of science. Her trailblazing study on “Neera” not only underscored her scientific prowess but also illuminated the untapped promise of traditional practices within modern scientific revelations.

Through her remarkable achievements, Kamala Sohonie’s legacy continues to ignite inspiration, propelling countless individuals to surmount gender biases, steadfastly chase their passions, and leave an imprint on the scientific world. Her legacy serves as a poignant reminder that inclusivity, diversity, and equitable opportunities are the cornerstones of nurturing innovation and steering progress forward.


Who was Kamala Sohonie?

“Kamala Sohonie, a pioneering Indian biochemist, is celebrated for her revolutionary research on ‘Neera’ and her remarkable contributions to the scientific domain. In an era when societal norms were restrictive, she courageously defied conventions, opening pathways for women to excel in scientific research.

What is “Neera”?

‘Neera’ is an extract from palm nectar that Kamala Sohonie meticulously studied. Her findings unveiled its remarkable Vitamin C content and potential health advantages, illuminating the significance of blending traditional Indian practices with modern scientific exploration.

How did Kamala Sohonie overcome gender bias in science?

Overcoming gender bias and societal pressures of her time, Kamala Sohonie’s unwavering dedication and fervor for science propelled her past challenges. Her journey underscored that women possess the same potential as men to make profound strides in scientific research.

What is the significance of Google Doodle’s tribute to Kamala Sohonie?

Google Doodle’s homage to Kamala Sohonie on her birth anniversary amplifies awareness about her achievements and underscores the importance of gender parity in scientific pursuits. This tribute celebrates her enduring legacy, inspiring generations to come


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