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Real Estate, Builders & Developers

The field of construction and development can never be imagined without Legal Expert especially post RERA. Interestingly, whether the real estate industry is going through a boom or bust, real estate lawyers are always in high demand. In fact, as the real estate industry has gone through a down cycle for the last couple of years, the demand for lawyers in the industry has only increased. As the number of cases involving builders has steadily gone up, so has the demand for lawyers.

At Legal Referencer, our Senior Property Lawyers hold all the Key skills in Real Estate such as :

  1. Knowledge of intricacies involved in drafting contracts;
  2. Knowledge of RERA;
  3. Knowledge of Transfer of Property and other specific Acts
  4. Knowledge of work procedure of various institutional authorities such as CIDCO, MHADA, various Municipalities, MIDC, Courts, Departments in Mantralaya, Sub registrant Offices, Talathi officesetc.;
  5. Knowledge of recent Amendments in Law and Government Resolutions

All the Property Lawyers associated with us are Highly Experienced, very much dedicated and committed to their work.

What services do we offer?

  • Title Search and Verification of Land and Property;
  • Property Registration / Registration of Conveyance or Sale deed;
  • Registration of various other deeds and POA;
  • Legal due diligence;
  • Registration of new projects under RERA;
  • Provide Legal Advice on,
    • The applicability of central and state acts and their corresponding rules for projects and/or businesses
    • a future course of action in case of delay in the possession of the under-construction properties
    • their project requirements for registration with RERA
    • various avenues for financing their real estate projects
    • transactions such as sale /nomination/inheritance of property
    • compliance with co-operative societies acts, societies registration acts and other laws as applicable to different states
    • Redevelopment of Housing Society, Tenanted Property, Slum Redevelopment Projects
  • Drafting of,
    • Sale Agreement
    • Sale Deed
    • Conveyance Deed
    • MOUs
    • Development and Joint Development Agreements
    • Builder Buyer Agreement
    • Land Purchase Agreement
    • Lease Agreement
    • Tenancy Agreement
    • Outright Purchase
    • Title Transfer Agreement
    • Power Of Attorney
    • Consortium Agreement
    • Notices to disputed party
    • Partnership Deeds
    • Supply Agreement
    • Job Contracts
    • NDA and business Contracts
    • Service Agreement
    • Marketing Agreement
    • And many other documents
  • We handle the disputes with consumers
    • Disputes between builders and unpaid vendors
    • Dispute related to benami property
    • Disputes over lease and illegal encroachment of property
    • Disputes relating to housing society
    • Property disputes and litigation
    • Dispute relating to redevelopment
  • Litigation/ Court representation;
    • Filling and defending in various Courts, Tribunals including High Courts and Supreme Court ofIndia;
    • Filing and defending at RERA Tribunal, Revenue Tribunal;
    • All the cases related to DRT, NCLT, NCLAT and Consumer court.
    • All cheque bounce matters under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act 1881;
    • Drafting of Civil and Criminal Suites and WritPetitions;
    • Filing and defending at Civil Courts, Small Cause Courts;
    • Filing and defending at Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT) and various other Tribunals;
    • Filing and defending at Labour Courts and Consumer courts;

We undertake the filing and/or defending the court cases including suits for specific performance of Contracts, suit for Recovering possession of Properties, Declaratory Suit, Testamentary Suit, Obtaining Probate, succession Certificate, Letter of Administration, Company Petitions, Suit for enforcement of Terms of the Contract, Litigation relating to Labor law, Partnership Disputes, Redevelopment Related Litigation, Litigation under Rent Control Act, landlord Tenant Disputes, Co Operative Housing Society Dispute and many more