Legal Retainer for BANKS AND NBFC’S

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By Legal Referencer

We would like to introduce us as one of the Fasted Legal Service Providers to Banks and NBFCs.
We are proudly associated with the Experienced Expert Advocates, which are currently empanelled with various Nationalized Banks, Multi State Co Operative Banks and NBFCs. We are now ready to bring their knowledge and expertise to benefit the business of your NBFCs.

Assistance in the cases of Loan against Property (LAP)

  • Notice of Intimation by way of Deposit of title deed;
  • Title Search and verification of Title of mortgaged property;
  • Preparation, drafting and modification of loan documents;
  • Registration of Mortgage Deed at the office of Sub Registrar;
  • Delivery of registered documents with receipts;
  • Total Legal and Clerical assistance during the
  • Drafting & Registration of Relinquishment Deed;
  • Drafting & Registration of Rectification or Supplementary Deed

Other Legal Assistance

  • Advising on all aspects of Banking Law, Banking Regulations and issues including IPR;
  • Drafting of escrow and consortium, mortgage, pledge, Lien agreement, Loan Agreements, credit and security documentation;
  • Review of any and all legal documents;
  • Vetting (Risk identification) of various Contracts, Agreements, Deeds, Bonds, NDAs, SLAs, MOUs, Security services Agreements, Vendor Agreements between Company and parties;
  • Drafting legal correspondences such as Legal Notice, Legal Reply, Legal Rejoinder,

      Complaints, Written Statements, Applications, Offer Letters, Letter of Allotments for and on behalf of Company;

  • Drafting & vetting of Franchise Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Online Distribution Agreements, KYC Documents, Share Purchase /(Transfer) Agreement, Client Agreement, Terms of Business, Referral Agreements, Disclaimers;
  • Drafting, Modifying, Vetting & Execution of documents such as Agreement for Sale, Leave & License Agreement, MOUs, Land Purchase Agreement, Lease Agreement, Development Agreements, Deed of Conveyance, Tenancy Agreement, Outright Purchase, Title Transfer Agreement, Documents related to Mortgage – Hypothecation – Pledge, Power Of Attorney, Affidavit, License Agreement, Power of Attorney, Joint Venture Agreement, Logistics agreements, NDAs and other documents pertaining to land acquisition;
  • Drafting Principle Documents, Legal Policies;
  • Review various Policies including HR Policies of Company on a quarterly basis;
  • Risk identification and Risk management;
  • Carrying out various miscellaneous works pertaining to the field of Banking


Arbitration being an important procedure of debt recovery and settlement of disputes for NBFCs need to be handled by very senior, experience and competent legal counsel. Arbitration and Conciliation (Amendment) Act, 2015 has strengthen the position and increased the powers of an arbitrator. NBFCs give secured loans. In case of defaults, borrowers use the court process to prevent these firms from taking possession of mortgaged assets. This will change now with the modifications to the Act. Whereas the new amendment empowers the arbitral tribunal to pass interim orders, fixing time-limit for passing an award and fast-tracking arbitral procedure, among others, are the salient features of the amended Act.
Sec. 17 of the original Act has been strengthened. The amended Act now allows, rather empowers, an arbitral tribunal to pass interim orders. And, it has made it clear that the arbitral tribunal will have the same power for making orders, as the court has for the purpose of, and in relations to, any proceedings before it. Such orders should, however, reflect the orders of the court. Hence arbitration has emerged as one of the effective remedies available to NBFCs. Our Highly professional and well experienced arbitrators are all you need to take care of this issue.

Litigation & Debt Recovery

The minimum loan size eligible for debt recovery by NBFCs under the SARFAESI law is lowered to ₹ 20 lakhs from the existing level of ₹ 50 lakhs. For NBFCs having a minimum asset size of Rs 100 crore. Such NBFCs can now take recourse to SARFAESI law for loan sizes at minimum ₹ 20 lakhs or more, implying that home loans to lower to middle-income groups as well as loans extended as Loans against Property (LAP) for small and medium businesses would also get covered for recovery using this route is case of defaults, said industry observers.

At Legal Lines we have Result Oriented well experienced Lawyers who look after your DRT and NPA matters expeditiously and secure immediate relief. We will provide you the constant updates with all necessary assistance. The scope of our litigation service includes;

  • Filling and defending in various Courts, Tribunals including High Courts and Supreme Court of India;
  • All cheque bounce matters under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act 1881;
  • Filing and defending at Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT) and various other Tribunals;
  • Drafting of Civil and Criminal Suites and Writ Petitions;
  • Filing and defending at High Courts and Supreme Court of India;
  • Filing and defending at Civil Courts, Small Cause Courts;
  • Filing and defending at RERA Tribunal, Revenue Tribunal;
  • Filing and defending at Labour Courts and Consumer courts;
  • All the cases related to banking those are to be filed in civil courts, criminal courts, DRT, NCLT, Consumer


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