Koreans  Hate  Indians...??



Clubs and cities display banners explicitly excluding Indians and Pakistanis.

South Korean Discrimination:

Lack of Korean support for discriminated Indians raises concerns about standing up against injustice.

Solidarity Questions:

South Korean government openly endorses beauty standards, advising plastic surgery and fostering racism.

Government's Role:

Discrimination affects not only Indians but also foreigners in general in South Korea.

Global Impact:

Discrimination based on looks extends to Western foreigners, impacting even beauty channels.

Lookism Across Borders:

Plastic surgery is highly valued in South Korea due to the ingrained concept of lookism.

Beauty Obsession:

Lack of knowledge about Indians contributes to a negative perception in South Korea.

Information Gap:

Many South Koreans harbor hatred and racism against Indians.

Racism Unveiled:

Indians face discrimination, sparking a need for awareness and change in South Korea.

Challenging Reality: